My Thing …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful that I do this thing …

It is something I have done since I was a little child. In a moment of pure happiness, I clasp my hands together, grin, and shake (as in full body shake). That moment is ecstasy. That moment is perfect, and it is never planned. It is simply appreciated.

I have done this thing, my thing, when looking at a gift recently assembled, when watching a friend explode in excellence on stage, when observing my child just be a child, when working at my desk … and that is how I know I am living my dream.

So, what do you my friend, in moments of pure happiness? Think back. Remember. What is your body doing as you enjoy the bliss of a perfect second?

This is me waving a magic wand, praying that all who read these words begin designing a life FILLED with those moments and why wouldn’t you? Don’t let someone tell you it’s impossible for it is only impossible to those who do not cherish the bliss.

I cherish the bliss because I cherish you, this life, and my career.

This is me, doing my thing, right now.


#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive