“I Probably Won’t Make It”

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning one sentence is echoing in my head … “I probably wouldn’t make it.”

The words were uttered by a friend during a recent phone conversation. He was sharing of the high risk aspects of his job and how, thanks to pre-existing health conditions, he probably wouldn’t survive a battle with Covid.

“I probably wouldn’t make it.”

It took awhile for his words to sink in past all the “It’s-no-big-deal’s” and the “The-numbers-are-inflated’s” that have been bouncing around in my world thanks to the internet and comment threads.It took awhile to recognize the selfishness that was so common in the world pre-Covid. I sighed as I realized that it too had survived Covid and again, as I came to terms with just how many had learned nothing from a global pandemic.

“What will it take for people to start seeing past their own noses, their own needs, to see the person beside them who will pay for their short-sightedness?!”

So this is me, adding yet another criteria to the test that determines who makes it into my inner sanctum. Selfishness, a lack of concern for the man or woman you may infect if you caught Covid, a focus on “I would be fine” with no regards for others – DENIED!

This is me saying a prayer for all “who might not make it”. Rest easy knowing this woman has your back.


#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive