Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

Welcome to my fire …

The sign was simple enough, unimportant to most as it announced to the world, ‘Apartment for Rent”. I didn’t need a new place. I had a home with my partner and my kids and, more often than not, his daughter.

But truth be told, ours was not a peaceful existence. Alcohol danced with our every day. Sometimes socially. Sometimes insanely. Never really gone. Always jut hovering.

The alcohol itself wasn’t even the issue. I mean, this is northern Ontario after all. Weekends are a blur for most (or so it seemed at the time). No, it wasn’t the alcohol but the violence. Never really gone. Always just hovering.

I noticed the sign without reason or maybe, deep inside, I knew there was a reason, a damn good reason to notice. Whichever or whatever, as it turned out, that very day our world imploded and this time we didn’t even need alcohol to invite violence to dance.

Fast forward a week or two, and my kids and I were once again safe, this time in our new home, in an apartment offered to the world through an unimportant sign that became everything to us.

Today, as I dance with the memory, I cannot help but wonder what signs are in your world, seemingly unimportant yet for whatever reason, you noticed them.

Take note of all the signs, my friend. Preferably, before you have to.

Health, wealth, safety, mental health, spiritual need, connection, support, encouragement, or lack thereof – what signs exist in your world, and can you really afford to ignore them?

The journey continues …

I love you!