Lean on Me …

On this beautiful day my friend, welcome to my fire …

Imagine for a moment that we are standing back-to-back. I can see so much of this amazing country from this place, but I cannot see what is right in front of you – your perspective, your fears, your needs. But if I listen, I can grow to accept and understand.

And the same applies for you. You may not have known the sting of a cashier’s eyeroll or the shame that overwhelms you when the cab driver passes darker Indigenous friends to come pick you up. You may have never heard the words that assume your lack of education or worth, but I have. And if you listen, you too can grow to accept and understand.

It is these conversations that are needed now, this bridge that must be built for, in my humble opinion, reconciliation is not one piece of legislation or even an Act of parliament at all. It is a million acts, made each day at boardroom tables and in restaurants, on conference stages and in our stores.

It is learning how to have each other’s backs. And it is possible.

Not sure how? Then simply … lean on me.

I love you!