On the 9th Day She Rested …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am grinning as I think to myself, “And on the 9th day she rested”. lol

To get the joke you would have to know that all my babies have birthdays between October 8-11, three birthdays and one day of rest. Now of course, I didn’t have them all in the same YEAR but in my world, three babies in four years earns me a day of rest.

This is it.

So on this self-appointed “day of rest for ME” I have decided I will only do what I love. In other words, I will work. I will reach out to people to inspire them to believe in themselves. I will write.

Oh, that kinda sounds like almost every single day in my world, doesn’t it?

(Quickly adds “I will give thanks” to the list.)

However you spend this day my friend, whether it is a day of celebration or solitude, whether it is a day circled on the calendar or just another day, make it good. Make it special like you do with one-of-a-kind gifts.

Because you see, this day has never happened before. It will never happen again so, let’s make it good. Let’s make it memorable so that maybe next year, it is worth circling on our calendar.

Celebrate YOU today my friend.
I know I am!