One of my Greatest Teachers …


I am awake, I am alive … welcome to my fire.

Today, I take a moment not to speak of reconciliation or truth but to acknowledge the important of teachers, in all their forms.

And today, I take a moment to acknowledge one of my greatest teachers, although I knew her for only a mere two months.

She had no words to share with me. Smiles were rare and fleeting but not as rare as her tears. She simply existed and she was my world.

But all too soon she was gone, and it was only in her absence that I truly began to embrace the meaning of the word “cherish”.

I know now she wasn’t meant to stay any longer for her two short months were long enough to teach me just how precious our children are, a lesson I needed to learn before the arrival of her sister and brother.

Happy birthday Babygirl.
Thank you for being one of my greatest teachers.

I love you!

In memory of Fallon Lorraine Roy
October 8, 1984 – December 9, 1984