The Fire Burns Bright!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I sit at my fire, contemplating the words I will share with you, all that comes to mind is how absolutely grateful I am.

I am grateful for the SHEER NUMBER of people of the non-Indigenous variety who are trying to understand. Those reaching out, booking seminars, tentatively but bravely asking questions, those absorbing what they are hearing, those growing and learning. It is beautiful, absolutely heartwarmingly beautiful.

And just as beautiful, the SHEER NUMBER of Indigenous folks, men and women, leaders and those who will one day lead, younger and older, those slowly healing, putting down hate and heart, those finding and using their voices. It is enough to bring tears to my eyes and yes, it often does.

There is much more to do, so many more to reach, so many more to support but I know my Mom is smiling down at me, impressed with how much has changed in one generation.

These things are my fuel. These things keep me going. These things keep my fire burning. These things keep me inviting people to join me here or in seminar, every single day.

And for all of you, I say Chi Miigwetch Creator (huge thank you).
Chi Miigwetch.

I love you!