#celebrateandsurvive …


I am awake, I am alive and this morning as I made my morning coffee, I contemplated this crazy rollercoaster ride we are all on – this journey called “life” and I smiled.

#celebrateandsurvive has long been my method of living, even long before I identified the trend. First, I celebrate every little joy, savouring it as the gift it truly is. A day is filled with them, a point quickly realized when we take the time to notice them – that first amazing sip of coffee, how cute my furmate is, how crisp the air is. Soon I will observe my first snowflake of the season, celebrating its beauty without any thought to the frigid temperatures it heralds in.

For you see, I dance on solid ground, laugh in safe places, and love only those who cherish my heart as much as I, for I have learned to survive. Not in some “life is hard” type way but more in a “geese preparing for the trip south” kinda way. I know winter is coming – I best buy a coat. I know my feet tend to get chilly in the cold months – time for a great pair of slippers. By preparing for the predictable, I allow myself comfort and time to celebrate.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Today for example, I celebrate my great new home, my great furmate, my great career, my great friends and followers and you, my friend. And most of all, I celebrate that today there is nothing I must survive. Today is easy. Tomorrow may not be but that’s okay.

That my friend, is nothing more than a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the peace and the season. Prepare so you too have time to rest.



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