The Response …

I am awake, I am alive and once again … welcome to my fire.

So much revealed after yesterday’s post, revealed about the commenters that is and isn’t that always the case?

The first thing that comes to mind is the white supremacy the settlers brought with them, an attitude that remains today. In almost every corner, things or ideas rooted in European, Western or Canadian culture are assumed superior to thoughts or practices rooted in one of the many Indigenous cultures. Cultural practices, spirituality, educational practices and systems, legal systems – on and on the list goes but now it seems we can add social media or so some think.

Various comments on different platforms yesterday revealed that many feel that social media, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, is a land of debate, that any word or thought shared is up to be challenged. What is even more interesting is that most who posted comments along these lines also seemed to imply there was no other way.

In a time when social media is being ground into the dirt for being a cesspool of negativity, do we really want to believe there is no other way?

I believe my page proves otherwise … but then so does my world view, my spiritually, my educational practies etc. I don’t fight. I don’t live in a world where I need to and again, I welcome you to join me.

After all, we teach others how to treat us. Western equivalent – you reap what you sow. Today, perhaps we should consider opting for a little more contemplation and a lot less attack, for the sake of our own mental health and for the health of those we love.

Food for thought.

I will be over here, enjoying life and believing in you, because that is what people at my fire do.

I love you!