Balancing Act …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning it is the teachings of balance that bring peace to my world …

Balance – day/night, new/old, winter/summer. The world is forever in balance and for peace of mind, we must be as well. For me, that means that as the outside world struggles with climbing numbers and uncertainty, my inner world must remain consistant and comforting.

So this is me, taking joy in routine – wake up, make the coffee, feed the furmate, write the blog post. This is me taking comfort in old habits – colder weather = crocheting. This is me creating comfort foods and space for hours of rest and reflection. This is me taking comfort from doing my steps, maintaining my health, and living so that I can embrace and enjoy yet another day, no matter what it brings.

Today I remember I never have nor will I ever control the outside world or other people. But I can create opportunities online. I can feed my brain and not just my body. I can comfort via keyboard if not in person. There is much I can do and that is my focus – the balance to the things I cannot.

So this is me, praying as always, that you my friend are safe, secure, happy, able to focus and enjoy the safe things inside, ever vigilant when you walk out the door.

Be well, be safe, but please remember to still be the best YOU that you can be.



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