Seasons …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I glanced out on the blanket of frost covering everything within sight, I thought to myself, “Inward time is coming!”

The thought made me smile.

Spring – the season of birth, the season of busting forth, like seeds exploding out of the ground as new seedlings and flowers, the season of trying new things.

Summer – the season of travel and growth, the season of exploration and discovery, the season of interaction and relationships. The season of intake.

Autumn – the season of gratitude and harvest, the season of counting blessings and appreciating gifts so freely given. The season of love and hugs and great meals shared.

Winter – the season of reflection, the season of inward work, the season of contemplation, of re-evaluation, of determination, of solidification of future plans until we can again … bust forth.

Personally, I love inward time. I love understanding more about the woman I am. I love appreciating my gifts for myself, without need for outside validation or notice. I love celebrating my lighter suitcases while the unpacking continues. I love improving on who I am, determined to emerge an even stronger, happier, wiser, healthier me.

Whatever season you are in my friend, do yourself a favour.
Do not rush through it. Savour it, do the work. Know that your effort will result in your next season being even more amazing.

The journey continues …