Of the Indigenous Kind …

I am awake, I am alive as my brain focuses in on … Indigenous empowerment & Canadian reconciliation.

These are always my focus. When asked to facilitate a session, give a speech, or provide consulting services, the first question I ask myself is whether or not the work involved is either Indigenous empowerment or a step towards Canadian reconciliation.

If the answer is “Yes” then discussions proceed. If no, well then, the answer is “No”. Other work is best left to other people. I stick to my lane.

Case in point, this weekend I am facilitating a strategic action planning session for a new Indigenous health network. It is fun, it is enjoyable and it is oh so important, watching as the group decides their lane, defining their needs and setting their priorities.

That is Indigenous empowerment (in case you didn’t recognize it) and that is important, for there will be no Canadian reconciliation without it.

I smile as I think of the day Indigenous once again stands strong, aware of their value (even when others don’t see it), strong in their priorities and plans. On this day, there will be no non-Indigenous trying to “save” us, no non-Indigenous trying to help or teach us. There will be non-Indigenous advisors and partners but they will be sought out by us, to meet our needs, not the other way around.

And it is coming. Each day more and more Canadians are learning to “stick to their lane”, learning to make changes on their side of the feather rather than trying to appease their shame or guilt by working on ours. Each day I see more working in anti-racism, more aware of the values and gifts of diversity, more working to make Canada as inclusive as it was always meant to be.

So today, the journey continues as the work continues, here on our side of the feather. And I am praying, in some small way, the other side can say same.

If not, then I pray they see it is time, time to seek out advisors and partners of the Indigenous kind.

I love you!