Building Bridges …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thankful for the reminder that building bridges takes work …

I mean, I could choose to only hang with like-minded souls. I could insulate myself away from reality but to what end? Would that not be privilege? Would that not be self-centered, thinking only of myself and my comfort while others suffer at the hands of the ignorant?

I can’t do that. But conversely, martydom helps no one either. Throwing myself on the swords of racism and prejudice time and time again helps nothing if there is no progress. And there is the swirling confusion that is my thought process this morning, the essential ingredient … the possibility of change.

I have seen it. Although the conversations are so often exhausting, even soul-crushing at times, I have seen opinions change, attitudes adjusted and practices abandoned. I have seen realization illuminate the face of those who previously did not understand because sometimes they are willing to listen.

So the journey continues. I will continue to try, never assuming that those I encounter are not ready to listen, for my silence is all the space the darkness needs and we cannot afford to lose anymore ground.

Today I give thanks for the social justice warriors, near and far, busy building bridges of understanding. Thanks to their efforts, our children will one day play freely together, blissfully unaware that once upon a time freedom and safety were denied to all but a chosen few.

This nightmare can end. This I pray …