Where Clocks are Decorative …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but reflect on just how often we have to lose something before we truly appreciate it.

Case in point – for a long time now, I have loved working from home. I enjoy the decolonization of working in line with my brain, my spirit and my body, avoiding any suggestion by clock or calendar. Freeing myself from such man-made restraints has allowed my creativity to increase exponentially but sometimes a friend needs help …

For the last week, I have been facilitating a training course for a local agency. They do great work so when they found themselves in need, I was happy to answer but OMG!

This past week, contrary to my norm, has required I:

a) go to bed when the clock says I should

b) get up when the gawd-awful alarm says I should

c) leave the house when the clock says I should

d) speak when the clock says I should (facilitate the session)

e) eat when the clock says I should

f) go home when the clock says I should

Repeat, repeat, repeat.


So this is me, working from home today. You go ahead and pretend I am in business attire (I am so not!). You go ahead and assume a clock started my day (more my furmate demanding breakkie). You go ahead and envision anything your little heart desires but I know I am here, doing what I love, in whatever order I choose for as long as I choose while wearing whatever I so choose.

This is me, back in my world, a world where clocks are merely decorative and calendars simply remind me when friends are coming to visit.

The journey continues … my way and I SWEAR I can feel my spirit smiling!