Cancelling “Amen” …

I am awake, I am alive and this morning … I am going to ruffle some feathers!

To explain, I have shared many times that a) if nothing changes, then nothing changes and b) that reconciliation is going to look different for every Indigenous individual, family and/or community, that there will not be a “pan-Canadian” or “pan-Ontario” solution.

Today, I want to discuss one of the changes I need, here on this page, from each of you.

For context – reconciliation, in my humble opinion, requires us to recognize that Christianity was one of the mandatory requirements of colonization. Indigenous people, no matter their nation or customs, were forced to adopt Christianity and although many may choose to continue to practice that faith today, it is only because at some point in their family history, there was no choice.

To be clear, Christianity was FORCED on Indigenous people, with no regard for the fact that they were not, indeed, Christian and that must change.

To that end, this year, I challenge you to wish people “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” rather than Merry Christmas unless you know, in fact, that they are indeed Christian. In that way, in one small way, Christianity will no longer be forced on the person you are speaking to.

But why wait until Christmas? As of today, I am implementing yet another change on this page, one that I ask you to respect, and that is the requirement that you refrain from using the word “Amen” in response to things I post.

I am not Christian. To hear that word is literally like a needle prick to my soul especially when I know that you are aware that I am not Christian. I literally feel attacked, here on my own page, and that must change. Truth be told, I have been considering making this request for some time so today I am by informing you that, from now on, comments using the word will be deleted (and I pray, there are no such comments).

And with that adjustment in behaviour, I welcome each and every one of you to the journey that will be reconciliation, where small and big changes will be made so that Canada and Canadians inflict #nomoreharm.

(Please note, I fully support your choice to be Christian. I encourage you to continue practicing your faith. All I am requesting is that you consciously choose not to force it on me or anyone else.)

That is an act of reconciliation.
The journey continues …

I love you!