It Isn’t Easy …

I am awake, I am alive, and my journey continues as once again I set out to help those that come next…

And it isn’t easy. When working with this cohort of tradesman, we often discuss what “actually happens” on a job site as compared to what “should happen” (as suggested by training material). The conversations are as real as the frustration expressed.

When working with young indigenous women, it is not easy to hear of what they have heard, seen, or experienced at the hands of white settler descendants (those that still see us as “less than”, as useable, as discardable). I hear their words because I too have heard the words and sadly, age hasn’t changed much.

In our communities, I hear the frustration over the backstabbing, the gossip, the nepotism, the practices that so often ostracize large groups of the membership and I nod, knowing that this reality is common in groups that have endured oppression for generations.

It isn’t easy but it must be done so that the young man doesn’t let the racist foreman rob him of his future, so that the young woman never begins to believe she is discardable, so that our communities begin to understand WHY all this happens and it is not because they are less than in civility or education.

So today, the journey continues because right now for far too many, the cost of living is exorbitant and it is paid in pain. And that my friends, shouldn’t be anyone’s reality.

The journey continues …




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