Happy Birthday!


I am awake, I am alive and this morning there is only one thought dancing in my head … I finally got it right.

You see, 15 years ago I lost my Mom. She didn’t make it to her 78th birthday on November 30th, so for the last 14 years I have spent this day crying, missing her, and praying. But this year, no tears because this year I am finally doing what I should be doing on this day. I am continuing her legacy.

Mom empowered people. She loved sharing words like “You can do it!” and “I believe in you”. I watched as she told many a person to ignore the haters and in her later years, I stood in awe and pride as she called out racism every time it crossed her path while enjoying every second that it didn’t.

In her honour, today I continue the work by launching “The PATH Away from Lateral Violence” video seminar. For decades, I have watched as our people bully and gossip and backstab and judge our own. The worst say things like “it’s just the way we are” never realizing their words are just as devastating but there IS a way out.

I pray you sign up for this course because if you truly listen and learn, this will be LAST course on lateral violence you will ever have to take. So, join me today in continuing my Mother’s work.

Together let’s empower because like my Mom, I know you can.

Happy birthday Mom.

Alma Boucher
Nov 30, 1927 – Sept 28, 2005