Cuz I Can!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I can honestly say I am excited!

Why you may ask? Well, simply put, because I have a plan! lol

Like so many, I have many things to do. Deadlines approaching. To Do Lists a mile long and often my thoughts go to “when will I have time to get to this or that”. Well, this morning I figured out how!

So today, I won’t be resting (that was yesterday’s agenda and it was awesome). No, instead today I am going to bring yet another dream to life, meet another deadline, and love every single flippin second of it!

Why you may ask? Cuz I can!

So this is me, DOING SOMETHING about my stress, about my To Do List, about my deadlines. It is a choice and one that makes me smile from the soul as I relish in the fact that once again, I AM gonna climb this mountain!

Whether you rest or climb today my friend, I pray you enjoy the journey. Don’t blame others for they don’t have the power to ruin your day. Well, unless you give them that power.

In my world, I am responsible for my failures and my successes. After a decade or two or five, I am just got WAY BETTER at suceeding.

Enjoy this day my amazing friend!



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