Taking the Win …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I take the win …

As an entrepreneur, I usually wake up working. Within seconds of waking, I am going through the To Do List in my mind – what needs to be done for whom and how. Within a minute or so, I am up and off to begin the tasks at hand but not this morning.

Because yesterday was a win. Yesterday, I presented my seminar “The PATH” to a group of 45 men and women. The seminar is based on my book, filled with exercises and images envisioned by me long before they were ever shared.

And it went AWESOME. Those who had attended a session of mine before shared that they were not disappointed. Those new to my work shared how they appreciated the clarity and my ability to explain complex issues. It was good, so good.

So this morning I woke and instead of a To Do List, I laid there cherishing the memories from yesterday. I smiled at the laughs shared and appreciated again the kind words. I took the time to take the win.

So this is me, a little later than usual but a whole lot happier as I relish in the fact that yesterday I spent a full day doing exactly what Creator sent me here to do and it is good, real good.

So thank you my friend, for reading my words, for sharing in my journey, for being a part of my joy. Take the time today, to cherish every win – a home sparkling with love, a great joke shared, a room arranged perfectly for the season.

Whatever it is, take the time to take the win. In this time of worry and uncertainty, the wins taste all the more sweet so please, take the time.



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