Saturdays …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I couldn’t help but giggle at the realization that my view effectively tells me its the weekend.

To explain, while I make my morning coffee, I glance out my kitchen window taking in all that is the neighborhood. Most mornings I can see who else works early as cars are warming up and humans dance in well-lit rooms. But this morning, no activity. No cars running. No humans. I smiled as I realized THIS is Saturday.

But it’s a work day for me as I have not one but TWO chances to speak at a provincial conference, this time for the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences. Again, I will attempt to bring insight and wisdom (and perhaps a teaching or two) to those we depend on when a diagnosis is what we seek.

But whether you are working today or not, inspiring and teaching today or not, know I am thinking of you, I am praying for you and as always, I am embracing any chance to encourage you. My goal is to constantly remind you of just how amazing a human being you are in a world that too often says otherwise!

Even if the only way is through a simple blog post.

Enjoy your journey my friend!



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