Listening …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I hear Mom’s words, “Your brain is only one organ in the body. Listen to the others as well. They are trying to keep you healthy and alive.”

Yesterday, my body said “Meeya (Enough)!” Yesterday my body reminded me of my work schedule of late, of how I worked last weekend and will be working this weekend as well. Yesterday, my body said “I am tired” and finally, I listened.

Yesterday, after my morning of instruction, I rested. I cancelled or rescheduled appointments. I ignored emails, knowing all would keep until today. I slept. I ate well. I engaged in braindead activities that required no thought. I unplugged.

This morning I am back, improved by the rest and ever thankful for the body that tells me when its tired, the tummy that tells me when its stressed, and the general sense of “yucky” that signals I need to exercise more.

Such a beautiful system, designed just for me, who am I not to listen?

So this is me, praying YOU listen rather than override your system. I pray you rest, eat, move and heal the way your body needs, giving it the freedom to carry you for many more years.

To Mom, overriding the body was pure ego, thinking we know more than the body system Creator designed. Ego can and does kill. Let’s be wiser than that.



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