Living the Dream …


I am awake, I am alive, as today I continue … living the dream.

I giggle to myself as I think of 6-year-old me, always playing teacher. I had my blackboard and chalk. I had my lesson plan and of course, I had a classroom of willing and engaged stuffed animals anxious to absorb all they could! (Funny how my brothers were never quite so willing when I coerced them into playing.)

For years, standing in front of a group, delivering a seminar, I remembered that little girl. Surely I had achieved my dream but somehow, not quite.

Then two years ago, the dream did come to pass when a dear friend at the college asked me to consider teaching a course in the Aboriginal Community Advocacy program. I could not say “Yes!” fast enough and the scene played out again this summer as again I agreed to teach.
Wednesday’s are an early day for me but no matter, for today I teach. Today I live my dream as I help my students gather the knowledge they will need to live theirs.


Which of course begs the question, what were your childhood dreams my friend and did you get the chance to live them? I pray you all say “YES!” with enthuasiasm and gratitude for that is the life we all deserve, a life of dreams.



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