The Books …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but smile as I think of the power of the written word and how often it has changed history for my family …

For my mother, a young woman denied an education, her book clubs offered her the knowledge she craved. Determined to be educated enough to guide her children, her four clubs sent their books every month without fail and without fail they were read before they ever touched a shelf.

When my son struggled under the gaze of teachers with no time and little patience to assist him, homeschooling became the only viable option. I needed him to remember that learning is FUN so reading began with comics but soon enough comics grew to classics. The boy, now a man, carried a novel in his backpack for years only recently switching to Audible.

And me, I have found solace, understanding, and a career via the written word. When Mom’s passing brought me to my knees, writing my first book brought me the comfort I so craved. When a dream or my world confuses, it is a blog post that so often brings me clarity. And thanks to my words, I have found you.

So, this is me, begging those lost or confused who may be reading these words to reach for a book or a pen. Get lost in a story or share one. Travel to distant lands or inside to find the clarity you seek. The choice is yours, as always but this Kwe highly recommends.



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