National Nurses/Nursing Day …


I am awake, I am alive, and today … is National Indigenous Nursing/Nurses Day. Today we celebrate those who have chosen to break familial chains of poverty, those who have chosen to assist their own, or both. And I am thrilled to be part of that celebration for tonight I deliver a virtual speech at the National Nursing Students Association conference and I cannot wait.

Why? Because once again, this is a chance to make a difference. This is a chance to support and encourage as well as inform. This is a chance to speak up for those crying for, begging for, and praying for change in our medical faciliaties when it comes to the treatment of indigneous patients. This is a chance to be heard for all of those who have not been. And I can’t wait.

How? I will speak from the heart to their hearts, as always. Brains are already engaged but I want my words to resonate, to be felt and therefore remembered, and I do believe my speech will accomplish that.

So the journey continues as, once again, I reach out in hopes of making a difference, kinda like I do every morning with this blog post.

And you my friend, I pray you are well. I pray you are healthy. And I pray you are taking steps to stay that way because I am praying that we have many more mornings together.



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