My Day …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at my “do whatever I want” day, smiling because pretty much every day of my life is now a “do what I want” day.

But today … only one appointment, a hair appointment, to pamper myself a little. No deadlines looming. No speeches scheduled. Just me and my million things to do, each a blessing and a joy.

I might find my winter boots and retrieve my shovels out of the shed. I might shovel the deck and front step or I may stay inside, sip coffee, and think spring thoughts.

I might work, chipping away at the list of little things that need tending or I might re-arrange something. Either one entertaining.

Whatever I choose is my choice and that, my friend, is MY definition of success. Born a female in 1964, my life had long been one of doing what I was told (with a long list of what I couldn’t do), years spent watching and doing what someone else was interested in but no more.

Now the tv rarely comes on and when it does, documentaries have a greater chance of being viewed then braindead comedies. Now activist voices clearly ring though my home via podcast and dance pop is usually playing in some room at all times. This is my life but it finally resembles MY life, not a combined one, not a compromised one and I love it. I absolutely love it!

You may have a different definition of success. I just pray you have attained it or are actively working towards it. Because success is awesome. Settling, on the other hand … well, that just tastes like the leftovers nobody wants.

Off to play! Enjoy this day my friend!



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