Don’t Confuse the “S” Words


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking … don’t confuse the “S” words. To explain …

According to Brene Brown, the thing men fear the most is being perceived as weak. For women, it was being ugly or unattractive in some way (thanks for that society) but I think that once you get past the physical expectations, there is another perception that women fear.

The fear of being perceived as selfish.

Truth be told, we live in a world that encourages women to excel at second fiddle. Putting your partner or kids first is something to brag about and the less you need or demand, the bigger your martyr crown. But many of us (myself included) have no interest in trying to bloom in the shade.

“Teach others how to treat you,” my Mother would say. “If you want respect, respect yourself. Show them how.”

After years of practicing Mom’s words as my mantra, I did succeed. Eleven years in business doing what I love proves to me that I did find the sun, but I discovered that light comes with a high pricetag if we don’t embrace another “s” word (and no, I don’t mean sunscreen or sh*t).

I mean selfcare and that is NOT selfish. In fact, it is an essential ingredient in the success salad (going WILD with alliteration here!). Selfcare is self-respect. Selfcare is healthy boundaries. Selfcare is rejuvenating rest. Selfcare teaches others that you need and deserve “me” time too. Selfcare teaches others how to treat you, so find the sun my friend! Bring your sunscreen and bathe in it!

Today practice your selfcare because the notion that you are being selfish by taking time for you … well, that IS that other “s” word.



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