Are you in Prison?


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am so grateful that I was raised by a dreamer and a doer.

Mom lived in fear – fear of offending, fear of physical danger, fear of what the government would do next, fear of any professional with the power to change her world. So Mom built her sanctuary – our home – and in it she laughed and danced and expressed her opinion and lived.

But Dad was a Frenchman, used to the privilege of his skin. He knew nothing of the dangers Mom knew all too well so he spoke of a different world – a world of accomplishment, of freedom, of possibility, and he spoke to me.

Dad did not label me as others tried to. He did not build walls and tell me I couldn’t climb. Instead, he pushed me to excel, each grade adding another inch to the stilts I would one day step over walls with.

But then he was gone and soon I met others who reinforced the world Mom feared. I forgot to build stilts. Instead, I built sanctuary and I survived.

Years later, with kids grown and life still ahead, sanctuary grew too small, so I added a trusted friend and another. Soon sanctuary included a diverse group that encouraged and supported and believed in me as much as I did them. Suddenly, I was standing on the stilts Dad had envisioned long ago.

Today, my friend, realize that fear is a prison. Lack of confidence is as well. But they can be overcome and they must be, if ever you are going to know the freedom Creator meant you to have.



#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive