NOT Funny!

You know what I don’t do?

Indian jokes (and no, I don’t mean the “What did the Indian say …” type).

I mean those little shots, the little jab, the little dig, always aimed at someone in your group that just accomplished something. You might know them as “catty” comments or worse, “just the way we are” but I know them as what they really are – internalized oppression – the cutting down of one of the same group.

And when called out, you will be quickly told that they were just joking, that it’s YOU that over-reacted.

That’s the b.s. part and like so many, once upon a time I bought it. I believed I was being overly sensitive. That is until I grew in patience, in education, in confidence enough to see I was never wrong.

Nowadays, I am not laughing nor am I being sensitive. What I am being is assertive, calling out what harms us even when it’s delivered by one of our own.


Because what we need is encouragement, celebration, and/or simple acknowledgement for every job well done, ESPECIALLY from our own. And if you are indigenous and you say such things BECAUSE you are impressed with whatever they did … say you are impressed instead. Please.

Let’s break the chains. Today in seminar, that is what I will teach yet again, until everyone gets it.

The journey continues …

I love you!