My World Changed Yesterday

To say that it is a challenge to go from marginalized poverty to the world of business professionals is an understatement. There are so many unknowns, from processes to facts. And yesterday, I discovered yet another.

You see, yesterday, I bought a clothes steamer and my world changed.

Now that may sound ludicrous because to understand the gravity of the purchase and resulting change, you would need to comprehend just how unnerving it is to stand among people whose attire is of more value than your bank balance.

And oh, they look good.

So, you try. You buy the clothes. But time and time again, you are stopped, prevented from wearing this or that … by wrinkles.

Now before you make assumptions, my mother ironed everything from bed sheets to tea towels. But the only “work clothes” in our home were what Dad wore to the sawmill. And eventually, when Mom went to work, she wore the same things, having secured employment in the very same mill.

Elder bro was long gone so I knew nothing of his board meetings and suits.

Older bro drove truck, so again …

And then came me, in business suits and skirts, with heels and pretty tops. Maintaining such a wardrobe was a career in itself, never mind also caring for two growing young adults. But I did my best even when the “dryer” didn’t seem to want to cooperate.

But no matter how hard I tried to dance in this new world – wrinkled clothes. Skirts and tops rendered unprofessional even in their clean state. I cannot count how many times I “wore something else” or in desperation, dragged out the ironing board and iron. In truly dark moments, I even attempted to rewash what was already washed, but rarely did I find resolution.

Until now … with the purchase of a clothes steamer.

Because no one talks about it and the reconciliation side of me cannot help but feel saddened that these things are not shared, that professionals are not educating those starting out on silly things like BUYING A STEAMER, that this is not at minimum a side conversation at those seemingly endless female networking events.

No one talks about it but perhaps we should. Perhaps entrepreneur training should include such knowledge. Gawd knows the divide is wide enough. Surely someone can pass on just how much is resolved with the purchase of a steamer!

Oh, perhaps I just did.

In closing, my dear friend, if by chance our paths cross in real life in the near future, feel free to comment on the skirt or top I am wearing. You have probably never seen it before. I have had it for ages. It was just … wrinkled.

The journey continues …

I love you!