Morning Thoughts

Waking on April 26th to a light blanket of snow, winter hanging on like the relationship that just will not end, has me thinking of supremacy and how absolutely dangerous that mindset is.

You see, so many non-indigenous people are baffled, confused, or intrigued by indigenous ways. They want to understand smudging and sweat lodge. They want to know the how’s yet they reduce the why to a simple separated act. They do not see that these ceremonies as a piece of a much larger puzzle. They miss that they themselves belong to that very same puzzle.

Case in point, this morning’s snow. I look out (share a few choice words) and search for interpretation …

Snow is the protector, the blanket Creator sends to protect the sacred earth, the seeds, the roots buried beneath. Are they still too fragile Creator, to be exposed to what the elements and/or man will do to them?

Winter is an inward time, a time to go within your own thoughts, to stay within the family you share a home with, to share stories, thoughts, and dreams. Do you see that we have much more thinking to do Creator?

My thoughts then turn to the non-indigenous, those that will take no such time to interpret, those that will be hellbent to adjust the environment to suit their needs. Nothing is sacred, not even their own bodies, as they ignore pains and exhaustion and the like to meet demands of work or home. They do not see or heed the signs of anything outside their own egos and brains, striving to control and/or override anything else, and we all suffer the consequences.

Such are my thoughts on this snowy morning. I pray for those who think themselves superior to natural or physical law and then, I smile. It seems I have indeed gone inward today. Thanks for that Creator. I am sure it is just what I need to do because today and always, I trust you.

Food for thought.

I love you!