Day 54 – Cry With Us

I am awake, I am alive, and as I continue to balance the emotions of a national tragedy with the work I do … I give thanks for those who attempt to answer their own questions before simply blurting them out, those that realize the emotional toll the locating of our missing children has taken on us, those that realize this may not be the time to ask for clarification on history.

Because right now is about grieving. Right now is about taking the time to remember 215 children that were never missed, outside their families and home communities. Now is the time, not to speak of institutions and retribution, but for tears because the grieving must come first.

Because this is an emotional journey. You must be able to sit in this collective pain, sit in these tears, to truly be able to understand the magnitude of what happened. Do not apologize in hopes of moving forward. Do not lower flags without wiping tears away. Do not learn without feeling because it is the “not feeling” for these kids that took their lives away.

Today is yet another day of sadness, as we carry the loss of so many children. For those who would love to move on, to speak of other things, stop just stop.

Grieve with us. Perhaps then we can begin to believe you truly do want to walk with us.

I love you!

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