Day Seventy-Eight – Happy Can’t Wait


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I can honestly say I am just … happy, because I remembered that is always a choice.

You see, in younger days I made the same mistake many do – I pinned my happy to some future event. Happy would happen when I get that job … when I move out of my parent’s house … when I meet an amazing guy …

But in time I remembered my Mom’s teachings, how your happiness with life must come from inside, never dependent on an external force. Mom would remind me often how we can choose to smile even on a rainy day and as always, she dances close to me every single day.

Yesterday, I thought of her, so thankful she is not here in this crazy time. My mind then wandered to discussion after discussion I have had of late, how the naive world we once lived in; ignorantly going about our day with no thought to the germs we spread with our travel, our contact, and/or our lack of hand-washing, is more than likely gone for good.

In the early days of the pandemic, like many others, I longed for things to go back to normal. Then I realized they couldn’t. Then yesterday, I dared to ask – what if this is it? What if this is the way of the new world?

Many will read that question and panic – thinking of all the things they miss, all the things they long to do, all the things they cannot do, all the people they long to see … never realizing their focus is the reason for their unhappy, not the situation at hand.

Now I am sure some things will ease up, that isn’t the point. The point is the fact that asking the question reminded me that tomorrow is not guaranteed so I best not tie my happy to it.

So this is me, THRILLED that I am beginning to rock my new reality. “New normal” has morphed into increased productivity as new processes become routine. The weight scale is now showing the LOWEST number in ages and I am now well on my way to my pre-pandemic weight and beyond. And today, with the sun shining bright, I am heading out to view a landmark I have long wanted to see, a landmark still there even in a pandemic.

Today my friend, make the choice. Choose to love this day for we never know how many we get. Choose to love you, flaws and all and choose to honour you by taking care of the man or woman you are.

Show me how to love you. I will watch and replicate what you do … so show me. And please, remember to be happy.

Food for thought.