Day Seventy-Seven – The Danger of Dilution


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I sip my coffee in a lazy Saturday kinda way, I reflect on the happenings of late. I am referring to the latest attacks on our black brothers and how the pain of those assaults is escalated when commenters attempt to dilute them.

Dilution happens each time an incident, action, or occurrence is shared on social media and instead of focusing on the shared event, the comments attempt to throw it into a sea of related (or unrelated) issues, essentially diluting it.

It happens when a post highlights the value of an indigenous woman and a commenter feels the need to point out that all women are valuable. Yes, they are. That’s just not what this post is about.

OR when a black man is hurt or killed and the post is sharing outrage against anti-black racism and comments point out that all racism is bad. Yes, it is. But again, not what the post is about.

In short, what I am saying today my friend, is that for things to change we have to SPOTLIGHT issues. Highlighting the value of indigenous women is not a shot against all women, it is highlighting a value that is so often unrecognized, a value that now NEEDS to be in the spotlight.

And yes, all racism is bad but when another black man dies just for daring to be black, just because his skin shade makes another “nervous” THAT has to be in the spotlight, not some generalization that minimizes the horror.

Truth be told, this week I removed SO MANY comments from my page, each and every one an attempt at dilution, because I want to keep the spotlight on the issue in hopes that enough light will spark true change.

It is one small thing I can do and do it I will.

So please my friend, stay on point. Absorb what you read. Share it if you desire but do not divert to another issue and do not dilute. Feel free to post an unhappy face or tears. Feel free to send your prayers in word or deed but do not, please do not, refer to any other issue than the one shared. These things need the spotlight so please, do not turn out the light.

On that note, I pray you enjoy this day my friend. And while you are at it, pray for those whose week has been marred so badly by the violence against someone who looks like their Mom or Dad, brother or friend, lover or partner, or self.

Anti-black racism must end.

Let us pray.