Day Seventy-Five – The Women of Paro


I am awake, I am alive, and on this Thursday I am thinking of a special group of people, a special group of women in this case, for without them I simply would not be here.

In seminar, as part of my opening, I share what I call “The Four Thank You’s.” That is simply my way of grounding myself in humility as I go forth with the work ahead. The third “thank you” is to “those that came before” and the group of women I am thinking of definitely came before me.

I am speaking of the women of Paro. The Paro Centre for Women’s Enterprise helped me turn a crazy dream into a career. They helped me build a network and find my confidence. They helped me to stay in business for more than a decade. They helped me … to be me.

I found this video yesterday as I was doing some research for an upcoming video seminar and … well, it made me smile. It was shot on a very special night for me and … it made me wish for the same for you my friend. I pray sometime very soon you also find yourself in a room, surrounded by people you are in awe of, proud to be one of them.

I know in my case, I will ALWAYS be a proud Paro woman.

Here’s to another amazing day! Here’s to the people who inspire us and motivate us. Here’s to all those who came before, blazing a trail so that we could find our own.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday video.




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