Day 50 – The Wheels Are Turning!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I can honestly say I am EXCITED!


Because the wheels continue to turn.

Today, I am delivering a full day seminar to a local non-Indigenous business. They wish to serve their Indigenous customers better, to understand them better, to be able to offer them effective yet respectful customer service as a natural part of business and I can help as the business wheel keeps turning.

And this morning, the weight scale is my friend as recent efforts begin to show results as the improved health efforts continue.

Today, the sun will once again shine as the world continues.

Today, friends will laugh and share and reach out and live as their life wheels continue … and so will I.

Because truth be told, somedays I celebrate HUGE successes and others, I celebrate that I’m still in the game and the wheels are still turning.

Today, my friend, join me. Big achievement or not, at least the wheels are still turning.

I love you!

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