Day 49 – Healthier, Happier, Stronger & Wiser

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I caught myself reflecting on life before Covid, before restrictions, before the world was required to pivot for its health and collective sanity.

And this morning, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t go back.

You see, on March 22nd of last year, I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I was coming out of this (Covid restrictions) healthier, happier, stronger and wiser and … I am.

Healthier – well, like many others, I definitely got “fluffier” but in recent weeks I have been using an app to up my nutrition knowledge along with tracking my workouts and it is working. So no, not going back.

Happier – yes, I am happier because again, I know ME better. I am 57 now and 57 feels like “full power”, the mature tree if you will. And yes, I am enjoying the feeling.

Stronger – when I wrote that goal, I didn’t mean physically stronger but rather emotionally and spiritually stronger and I am happy to say I am. Again, not going back.

And finally, wiser – yes, I am wiser. My business is stronger, my life is more my own, my relationships have improved. Again, I would not go back.

So my friend, I challenge you today. Look back over the last year. Yes, you may have lost ground in some areas but what DID improve? Think on it until you find something, then another, and another.

In the words of my Mom, “Count your blessings and if that is hard to do, you best do it twice”.

I love you!

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