Day Seventy-Three – The Power of Control


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking about control …

You see, in my opinion, control gets a bad rap and it should when we are discussing things like attempting to control other people or the environment you share with them. Attempting to control your partner or child will only lead to frustration and attempting to control a home you share with a partner, children or (Gawd forbid!) teenagers is not going to happen. The sooner that is accepted the better.

But I have come to know that I do control me and in fact, controlling me is often the very balance I need in a world that I don’t.

Case in point, isolation and how I cope. I may not be able to see my friends but I can finish a book I have wanted to read forever. I may not be able to hug the stuffin out of my grandkids but I can achieve a business goal even if it is nothing more than filing some papers today. I can do it and for my sanity, I do.

Some days it works better than others but I have found that having multiple goals is truly a recipe for success. Can’t pay the bills but have food? Cook a good meal. Can’t finish the project as you are waiting on a piece to be provided by another? Do your workout instead.

And in my specific case, I have found something that works on good days while having the ability to rescue me from bad and that answer is in this week’s Tuesday Teaching video. This is a special combination video in that it has elements of my Friday “Surviving Isolation” videos as well because last Friday was a bad day but today is good.

Very very good.


Well for many reasons, one of them being the fact that I love you my friend. Enjoy the video.




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