Day Seventy-Two – The Bridge


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I cannot help smiling as I look out on this hazy, cloudy morning.

“I agree Creator, I agree.”

You see, so many days in my world are BRIGHT, filled with promise and energy. On those days, the needle moves in leaps and bounds as I check off items on my To Do List in record time.

Today is not such a day.

Today the brain is foggy, thanks to a bedtime that could easily be classified as “too late” and a waking hour that can only be described as “too early”. All the coffee in the world couldn’t get this tush moving quickly today but … that doesn’t mean the needle won’t move.

I smile as I realize some days I am out there in front of the crowd and some days I am preparing to be. Some days I am sharing the words and some days I am writing the speech. Some days I have the answers and some days I am searching for the very thing that makes it all make sense.

Today is the latter kinda day so …

Today, I prepare.
Today, I write.
Today, I research.

But no matter the mood or speed of the day, today I will once again cherish all that Creator sends, acknowledging that this day is an essential puzzle piece like every other – the connection between who I was and who I will be, the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.

It’s today my friend. Let’s make it good, in whatever form it takes.