Day Seventy-One – A Day of Opportunities


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am simply so very grateful for yet another beautiful day.

Yesterday, a totally self-indulgent day, one in which I spent the ENTIRE DAY beading, something I haven’t done in YEARS! I watched classic movies as I beaded and I simply enjoyed the creative process and it was beautiful.

And this morning, as I woke to the beautiful sunlight streaming in to flood me in opportunity, I could not help think of all the things so many will get to do today …

Some share space with munchkins. They will have the chance to love these children, to make them laugh … to hear them laugh. As a Gramma who misses her GBs terribly, I pray all with such a chance cherish every second of it.

Some will be blessed to wake or sit across from or sit next to someone they love – their partner, their friend, or hopefully both. As a woman who roams this condo alone, I pray they look at each other with only love today.

And some like me have the opportunity to sit with ourselves today – to listen to thoughts long ignored, to examine what does and doesn’t matter to us, to do many things or nothing and I pray they too take advantage of every glorious second of this lovely day.

I am not yet sure what my day holds and I give thanks for that, for the freedom to choose, for the freedom to advance my health, my work, my happiness, my friendships or all of the above. The opportunities are endless it seems and I am thankful.

And as always, I am thankful for you my friend and before I forget …