Day Sixty-Nine – Do We Dance?


I am awake, I am alive, and truth be told this is my third attempt at a blog post. The challenge is not a lack of words but rather too many, dancing to different tunes in my crowded brain, all at the same time.

In one corner, I contemplate the power of choices as a waltz leads me slowly gracefully from one decision to another.

In another corner, a loud death metal soundtrack highlights the latest racist rant encountered without warning.

In another, a country love song takes me back to dreams and visions of younger years while in the last corner, the sweet sound of silence beckons in a new day.

I smile at the metaphor now forming in front of me as words appear on screen. Wisdom whispers to remind me that a great night of dancing involves many types of songs and perhaps even different dance partners. I smile as I remember how every night of dancing is different, and should be appreciated as such.

So this is me, honestly unsure of what music will play today, unsure if whether I even want to go to the dance. After all, a great night at home with a good book is enjoyable too, no music required.

Enjoy the dance today my friend, your dance (if you in fact, choose to dance). Try your best to pick songs you wish to hear. Choose carefully the partner you will dance with and please, do everything you can to stay clear of those who stomp on toes and criticize outfits.

Done right, a night or day of dancing can be truly enjoyable after all, so let’s decide my friend. On this gorgeous day, do we dance?