Day 44 – Little Gatherings

I am awake, I am alive and today I have but one very simple message – thank you for the little gatherings.

The term comes from a TedTalk delivered by Jonny Sun, entitled “You are Not Alone in Your Loneliness”. In that talk, he speaks of “little gatherings”, the small online group of people that gather to respond to a post, to laugh at a posted joke, and so on. Chances are good that these people do not know each other, that they come from different places with different views, but in that thread, they gather to agree, to disagree, to laugh, to converse, to exist, to be.

My area of the world is still in lockdown. I live alone with a crazy kitten after having lost my first feline love. And as I listened to Jonny speak of these “little gatherings” I realized how YOU have brought me through this isolation, how YOU have gifted me conversation and connection every single day in a world that remains 6 feet apart.

So, thank you my friend, for a million little gatherings over the years. Thank you for your comments, your support, often your encouragement. Thank you for showing yourself in my world. For in that moment, when I read your words, it is I who feel seen.

And you have no idea how important that is to someone so often deemed invisible.

Thank you.

I love you!

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