Day Sixty-Eight – A New Process to Deal with Mistakes


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am dancing with lessons held in the past and in dreams.

In my dreams last night, I was so excited. A move was imminent, to Hamilton of all places. Now, in real life, that city holds many negative memories for me, but in the dream none of that was obvious. Rather I was thrilled to be moving for one all important reason – I was getting my health/weight back in line.

With morning light, I acknowledge that yes, I was a much smaller size during my days in southern Ontario but the sun also highlights that the woman I was then wasn’t eating properly (when she ate at all). And that version of me still smoked. No, she wasn’t my best version but the lesson is noted. It is time to move towards a healthier me (without the need for a physical move out of this city).

But last night’s dream destination did get me thinking of my time down south and all the wonderful memories I carry as a result of that time. Case in point, this week’s Throwback Thursday video. I shot this video on an amazing trip to visit several friends. In it, I acknowledge just how much has changed for me, including how I handle the mistakes I make. The video makes me smile because all these years later, that “new process” still works amazingly well.

Enjoy the video my friend, enjoy your day. Join me as today I commit to learning from everything and everyone, including past mistakes and dreams.



PS – I no longer offer the seminar referenced in this video. Rather that teaching is encapsulated in many seminars. For more on those, simply head over to my “Seminar” page.

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