Day 43 – Making Better

I am awake, I am alive, and today I am excited because today I am once again in seminar (virtually of course), educating those most affected by oppression and the corresponding internalized oppression. In other words, today we are discussing lateral violence.

These are the seminars that so resonate with me as I slowly replace judgement of others with understanding, as I build assertiveness skills among participants, as I provide them with words to describe what they have been feeling their entire lives.

(I know, because I have too.)

Yes, today I enlighten. Today, I inform. Today, I guide. Today, I answer questions. Today, I embrace those hurt, forgotten, confused and even angry. Today, I virtually hug the stuffin outta those so desperately in need.


And you my friend, what are you improving today? What are you “making better”? Who are you inspiring or is it you that is scheduled for an upgrade?

I love you!

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