Day 42 – We Have to Do Better

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am firmly in the realm of contemplation as I consider information received yesterday …

On the positive side, a YouTube influencer I follow did not post a video yesterday. He got word out that an adjustment to his meds left him exhausted, unable to produce. He promised he would post today.

First reaction? YES!! YES!! No more rigid adherence to production schedules in spite of health challenges! No more robotic existence! YES! This, in my humble opinion, must be normalized.

And then on the negative side of things …

Imagine yourself the manager of a large box store, in charge of overseeing the cashiers. Each is busy waiting on a customer but one such customer chooses to loudly express racist slurs about the Indigenous customer in the next line. As a manager, as a store, what do you do? Is the cashier servicing the racist empowered to explain that such language is not tolerated in your space or does everyone just ignore the attack, officially labeling your store as an unsafe space? If you were the cashier, what would you do?

A similar scenario was presented to me yesterday and I can honestly say, my heart is still crying for all Indigenous who have found themselves in any establishment that is unsure how to speak up. I cannot even imagine, but then that is my white privilege speaking, and that too makes my heart cry.

The influencer in the first scenario is doing better. I applaud that. But in the second scenario, we so have to. NO RACIST SLUR must remain unchallenged, not if you want to be part of the solution. And if it isn’t, let me be the first (of I hope many) to point out that your silence definitely makes you part of the problem.

Contemplation continues as I figure out what to do with this information. Because something does have to be done because I AM part of the solution.

I love you!

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