Day Sixty-Six – Teachings in a Blow Dryer


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am acutely aware of just how accurate Mom’s teaching truly was – that there absolutely IS a teaching waiting for us in every thought, every word, every deed offered by us or shared by another.

Case in point – living with a permanent neck injury. For near 30 years now, my neck has guaranteed that self care is a requirement in my world. It’s not something I “remember to do” but rather something that must be done if I wish to be able to enjoy any given day. Yesterday, a game or two of “21” was enjoyable and good exercise. But by evening, my neck was highlighting very clearly that straining to make a shot from those “further distances” probably wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done.

But that wasn’t all. I mean, it would be SO EASY to blame everything on a newly-introduced physical activity, but I have come to learn that often the culprit is much more subtle. Playing “21” may have aggravated things for sure but things were definitely not helped by the summer top I was wearing, the elasticized top that slowly, constantly, consistently pulled down on my shoulders for more than 6 hours. The relief I felt when I removed it highlighted for me that this top is best saved for short excursions if any at all.

So yes, today my friend, I am reminding you that teachings can be found literally anywhere and often in the strangest of places. This week’s Tuesday Teaching video highlights same as I explain the teachings I found hidden … in a blow dryer.

Enjoy! And don’t forget …




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