Day 41 – Crossing Over

I am awake, I am alive, and truth be told, this morning I am excited because this afternoon I cross over … into the land of the fully vaccinated.

This day has been so long in coming, yet so many still wait. For a year we spoke of “when the vaccines come”. Then it was production and distribution challenges. I am still not entirely sure of how protected I will be but I know it is more than I was before my first shot and for that I am grateful.

As one by one, we cross into safer territory, I envision the days of road trips and friend hugs returning. I dream of laughter on the decks of friends and backyard bbqs just because. I dream of summer the way we use to know it and I pray it returns soon.

So to those reading these words who themselves are fully vaccinated, I say “Congrats! I am so happy for you!” And to those who still wait, I say, “I pray it is soon.”

Soon my friend, soon we will be safe. As soon as we all take the steps to get us there. So, this is me, turning and cheering YOU on as I cross the line because that is what a great teammate does!

I love you!

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