Day 40 – The Greatest Gift

I am awake, I am alive and after a glorious weekend, I am left forever grateful for the greatest gift my parent’s ever gave me.

Brené Brown speaks of it – how the most resilient among us, the whole-hearted, lean into joy while practicing gratitude. They allow themselves to experience the joy, realizing it is the perfect balance to the challenges of life.

My parents were such people. They dared to be happy inspite of poverty, health challenges, kids, politics and whatever else life threw at them.

They talked.
They laughed.
They danced.
They sang.
They created.
They prayed.
They gave thanks.
They loved.

This weekend I did same, simply because I am their daughter and I am wise enough to realize they were definitely on to something.
There is the recipe my friend. Feel free to use it to design an amazingly full life for you and those you love.

Include me, cuz …

I love you!

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