Day 37 – Dancing in Balance

I am awake, I am alive, and as a Kwe (Anishinaabe female) I am forever conscious of the balance I must live my life in.

On one side, the guide. I educate my own, the men and women of our Indigenous communities. I help them understand what happened to our people, why the violence, why the anger that takes way too many lives and threatens to destroy way too many homes. On the other side, I educate non-Indigenous, helping them to understand what they are truly seeing when they gaze upon our communities or our people on the news, on the streets, or on the ground.

But equally important, is the other side, the example. By speaking on issues other than Indigenous engagement, I illustrate how multifaceted the Indigenous peoples of the world are. I destroy stereotypes with empathy, ambition and success. I live and breathe respect for all, even the unaware who continually underestimate us, even if they themselves are Indigenous.

Today my journey, my dance continues so that the next generation may enjoy a much wider selection of music.


I love you!

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