Day 36 – Reach Forward, Reach Back

I am awake, I am alive, and for the entrepreneurs and business owners out there, a reminder today to reach both ways …

Some (especially those just starting out) focus on learning. They reach out to those who know more, do more, have achieved more with little time or effort spent on helping those they one day wish to serve. They remain the eternal student.

Conversely, the established businesses, focused solely on customer service. They want to grow, they want to compete, but they set aside no time for education and growth. They work harder, longer, with no adaptation. They become the eternal slave.

As with so many things, the secret is in the balance. Learning and growing while serving is the answer and I say this with no arrogance whatsoever. After all, I tripped over the answer quite by accident but trust me when I say, I fully intend on remembering the recipe.

Reach forward, reach back, repeat.

I love you!

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