Day 35 – Action to Dream

I am awake, I am alive and this morning, I am reminded that amazing things can happen when we dare to add action to dream.

I longed to start my own business one day – a dream unfulfilled. But Mom’s sudden demise served as a blatant reminder that no one is guaranteed tomorrow. So, I quit that great job, moved home and began. Sitting here now, near 12 years later, I can safely say “best decision ever”.

And yesterday, so many other reminders …
– I dared to reach out to an influencer I admire, and she not only responded but invited further discussion.
– I dared to move my seminars online when lockdown hit last year, only to receive a single order yesterday that surpassed my annual target for online sales.
– I dared to offer my Indigenous opinion and voice in a mainstream arena, only to receive notification yesterday that my courses will now be certified.
– And yesterday, I dared to initiate contact with a person of interest and he … reached back.

Now of course, many steps were required to achieve the results of yesterday but again, looking back, I can safely say “best decisions ever”.

Covid taught us to think the worst when we ask, “What if?”. Today, my friend, imagine the good, imagine the great, imagine the amazing “what if?” And then add some action, so you too can end up thinking “best decision ever!”.

I love you!

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